NearbySchools™ API for Public Display

Utilize our low-lift NearbySchools™ API for public display solution to give your audience insight into K-12 public, private, and charter schools nearest to an identified location.

Who is this solution for?

Business professionals looking to display GreatSchools data on a public and organically searchable indexed website, with citation and deep links back to’s School Profile Pages. Each plan supports a single digital product (e.g. website, mobile app, etc) only, and storage or caching of data is not allowed under these plans, per our Terms of Service.

Receive live data updates from our flexible monthly subscription plans, you can upgrade or cancel at any time!

The NearbySchools™ API plans are not for:

Those looking to integrate GreatSchools data into multiple digital products or client websites (SaaS, CRM, or resale), store or cache data, or use the data for internal research and analysis of any kind. Any use-cases that fall outside of the NearbySchools™ API by GreatSchools Terms of Service requires an Enterprise Data License or permissions from GreatSchools.

Use & Attribution

Linking back to our School Profile Pages helps us reach our mission. Cite and attribute GreatSchools the correct way, as outlined in our Attribution Requirements.


Acceptable - Visible attribution to GreatSchools.

Not Acceptable

Not Acceptable - No visible attribution to GreatSchools

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