Enterprise Data License

The most comprehensive K-12 school performance data delivery solution GreatSchools has to offer!

The Data

To ensure the integrity of our data, we use verified data that come from federal agencies, such as NCES or CRDC or State Departments of Education for our proprietary Summary and Themed Ratings. To provide an even fuller picture of school quality, we also offer organically obtained user-driven Community Ratings & Reviews.


Listings, locations and contact information for K-12 public, private, and charter schools and districts nationwide

GreatSchools™ 1-10 Ratings

Our proprietary 1-10 measure of a school’s summary academic performance compared to other schools within a state


Information related to a school’s teachers and student body

GreatSchools™ Themed Ratings

Our propriety 1-10 themed ratings speak to a school’s performance on specific quality measures

Test Proficiency

Detailed proficiency rates showing student performance on state exams, available by subgroup

Community Ratings & Reviews

A collection of user-generated 5-star ratings and text reviews left by our parent audience

Utilize our top-quality, comprehensive school data to add value to your business!

For more than 20 years GreatSchools has made education information accessible for partners and millions of families nationwide. We are the only national organization that collects and analyzes data from all 51 state departments of education and the federal government to provide analysis, insights, and school quality ratings for parents, partners, researchers, and policymakers.